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Murray Heaton - Alto Sax

Murray is the band heartthrob. Literally. It makes it really hard to focus when you're in rehearsals and he's sitting across from you. He's just so damn dreamy.  Murray plays some type of small saxophone which has been referred to by experts as "lame". He insists that it is not in fact lame, but we believe that this is because it was the only saxophone he could find in Newmarket, Ontario. Murray wanted to audition for the band, but when he walked into the room, we knew he was the one.

Justin See - Trumpet

Justin led a sheltered suburban life in Pickering, Ontario. He decided trumpet was a very nice instrument to play, and that Humber College was a safe school to attend. Needless to say, he's not very interesting. He was without a doubt the most reliable choice for Ten Meter Band, being neither too loud or too annoying. He simply plays the trumpet and brings no personality to the group, having been described as "present", "awake" and "who?"


Ten Meter Band is a Toronto based jazz rock fusion group. The band - which began in Montreal - was reformed at Humber College by Band Leader and Bassist Andrew Phillips.  After 2 years of gigging in and around Toronto, they successfully recorded and released their debut 4 song EP, Living Room Black Box.


Giovanni Campanelli - Keyboard/Synth

After receiving an Italian Emmy for “Best On-Screen Lasagna” in 2006, Giovanni “JEEO” Campanelli was forced to flee the old country after it was discovered that he used canned tomatoes instead of fresh. Having fled to Brampton, JEEO managed to convince the entire Humber Faculty of Music that he had been accepted into the program, despite having referred to himself as a “penissed” in several emails and Facebook posts. One day, he walked into Andrew Phillips’ house and, after watching him sleep for several hours, woke him up and asked to be in his band. Well, more like demanded. At gun point. Well, you know that thing where you make your hand look like a gun? It was more like that. 

Savic Panylyk - Tenor Sax

Savic Panylyk was raised by bears in the Alberta wilderness, just outside of Edmonton. After felling a Western White Pine with his bare hands, Savic carved the wood into a saxophone. He then travelled across Canada with his infamous wooden sax, and eventually came to rest at Humber College in Toronto. He showed up to rehearsal one day and everyone was too afraid to ask what he was doing there. In his spare time, Savic likes to sock dingers in High Park, and crush the dreams of others. 

Michael Murray - Guitar

Mike was born in Thunder Bay, Ontario. He had big dreams to move to Toronto and become a great jazz guitarist. He was accepted to Humber College and moved to the big city with high hopes. However, he was heartbroken after his first week of school when he was told he would never be a great jazz guitarist, his hair was simply too long. After a sullen and lonely bus ride home, he looked up to see a man just like him, long haired with a guitar, who said "Dude you should play rock music". And so it was that Mike shredded and head banged his way into Ten Meter Band. 

Matthew Victoria - Drums

Matt's from Mississauga. Matt likes basketball. Matt likes to talk about feelings and take long walks and bake cakes. You think the band ever gets to enjoy those cakes? Nope. We just hear about them, how moist and delicious they are, different kinds of chocolate and icing... Wait, was that Matt? That might have been someone else. Anyway, we needed a drummer and we found Matt. All of a sudden, we starting sounding better, getting positive feedback, and enjoying life. Was this thanks to our new drummer? An educated person would say yes, but we are not those people.

Andrew Phillips - Band Leader/Bass

Self professed "Band Mom", Andrew is responsible for this whole mess. If you're thinking, "This band is terrible - who should I write to? Something must be done!" - it's Andrew. Andrew was  an original Ten Meter Band member in Montreal. He thought, "This is great, I wonder if I can take this to Toronto?" It was all downhill from there. Although, he does make us sandwiches and put our pictures on his fridge, so that's nice. 

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